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Our Mission

We apply evidence based methodologies

We believe that organisational behaviour is the key driver for business success. 

We support our clients to embark in organisational change using evidence-based methods. We continue to challenge our own thinking and experience in organisational change.

We combine organisational change and market orientation

We blend our experience in customer facing processes such as Marketing and Sales, with our knowledge in organisational change.

Every organisation needs to have its final customer in mind: the consumer for private companies, the civilian for public companies or the patient for healthcare organisations.

Change and leveraging creative power

Complex transformation projects are unique opportunities to leverage the creative power of your organization. Talents that were hidden for years will be unlocked. Through conversational approaches we promote bottom-up discussions of perceptions, ideas and knowledge. PragmaticMinds always starts from the premise that there is positive power in your organization to be unlocked.

Change and leadership development

Transformation journeys fail when companies neglect leadership development. To keep an organization moving in the desired direction, managers at all levels must understand that their mindsets and behaviours will take the company there. We believe that managers are role models of the desired behaviour, so that employees know how to act.

Change Management

is applying techniques and tools

to manage the people-side of change

to achieve the desired results 

with minimal disruption or negative side effects.

Jeff Hiatt

Founder, Change Management Learning Center

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